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Okinawa Tea Pack

Goya Tea (12 tea bags) + Shell Ginger Tea (12 tea bags) + Hibiscus Tea (12 tea bags)

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Goya means ‘bitter melon’ in Japanese. It is said to be very helpful in controlling blood sugar so is often recommended to those with diabetes or to those on a diet. Getto' (shell ginger) is commonly found along roadsides and Okinawan locals backyards for its extravagant beauty.The plant is recently being used in anti-aging research (it is from the island of longevity after all!) Hibiscus tea has a tart, cranberry aroma and naturally sweet flavoring from stevia plant leaves with the bittersweet undertones of senna leaves. It is sweetened with the stevia plant which is commonly used in medicine due to its benefits for the body. Shipped from Japan. Additional customs duties/taxes may apply.
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