Tris Liquori Siciliani





Tris Liquori Siciliani


Selection of:

  • 100% Sicilian products, handcrafted at Km0
  • 1 x 0.70 bottle of Amaro
  • 1 x 0.70 bottle of pistachio liqueur cream
  • 1 x 0.70 bottle of almond liqueur cream

FORMAT: Tasting set - 2100kg


“Tris di liquori siciliani”, flavors that take you to Sicily wherever you are.

This “Tris di liquori siciliani” pack includes:

  •  Amaro Obtained from the infusion of herbs and spices in alcohol, bitters are a “Made in Italy” specialty known and appreciated all over the world. Amaro delle Terre del Falco is an extraordinary herbal bitter made with 100% Sicilian aromatic herbs. Ideal to drink after meals as a digestif.
  • Crema pistacchio: a creamy pistachio liqueur, delicious and fragrant to amaze and delight your guests.
  • Crema mandorla: a very fine almond liqueur, with a delicate and persistent taste.
  • Amaro can be used as a digestif after a meal. For this purpose, a small glass for grappa with about an inch, if not less, of liquid will be enough. The herbs that compose it have exceptional digestive properties, counteract stomach acid and intestinal disorders.
  • The Pistachio cream and almond cream stimulate good mood and improve psychological well-being. With a creamy and velvety consistency and a sweet and enveloping taste, these Sicilian liqueurs will pamper you.
  • Careful and refined selection of typical Sicilian food products.
  • Authentic manufacturing process
  • Sicilian production at km0
  • Badges: 100% Sicilian

  • Amaro – a classic digestif that must be consumed frozen, at minus 20 degrees, in order to fully enjoy its typical taste. Alternatively, it can be served with ice and with an orange peel.
  • Pistachio cream and almond cream – excellent as digestifs or for dessert. Great drinks for both winter and summer. They go perfectly with panettone, pistachio or almond colombe, and are ideal to accompany pistachio pastries, croccante, nougat and crepes. Strongly recommend trying them on ice-cream.
  • “Amaro”: store in a cool, dark place away from heat sources.
  • Pistachio cream and almond cream keep these products in the refrigerator and serve them cold; shake to amalgamate any deposited natural sediments.

Delicious Sicily


Authentic 100% Sicilian products

Authentic Sicilian products selected by our local food & wine expert, Liria Zaffuto

Delicious Sicily's assorted packages are all made in Sicily. Their processing faithfully reproduces the Mediterranean tradition. Through the use of a few genuine and also 100% Sicilian ingredients, freshness and quality are guaranteed. All products are tested in the kitchen by Sicilian gastronomic experts. These are authentic food products with a short supply chain.



About this region

This region is located in the center of the Mediterranean sea and is also its largest island. Sicily is surrounded by the west of the Ionian Sea, the north of the Strait of Sicily and the south of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Palermo is its capital and one of the oldest Italian cities. History and tradition, art and culture, sea and mountains, those are the gems of Sicily.

So Sicily is as rich as its own history. Looking at the past allows us to understand the vibrant culinary tradition that is a result of the union of different cultures all over the time. Due to this, discovering Sicilian flavours is definitely an incredible trip around the whole world.

Culinary traditions move from the spicy taste of arabic dishes to countless recipes using tomatoes of the Spanish period to the best ingredientes of the Mediterranean diet. Sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, hard wheat bread and pasta are combined with blue fish and seasonal vegetables in a typical dish accompanied with local wine. Ricotta and cheese are inevitable products in Sicilian cooking and they can be found even in desserts enriched with dried and glazed fruit as a kind of art baking. Buon appetito in Sicily!

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