Oro di Rufolo EVO Oil Set





Oro di Rufolo EVO Oil Set


  • 3 x 500ml Oro di Rufolo EVO oil (Elite + Bio + Coratina)

FORMAT: Tasting set - 3 x 500 ml


The box of 3 x 500 ml. EVO oil contains:

  • 1 x 500ml Elite Limited Edition EVO oil is part of a limited production obtained only in a very short period of the oil campaign. The best combination of the right degree of ripeness of the olives, the particular climatic conditions, the use of processing techniques such as vacuum kneading and pitting allows us to obtain an oil with a complex organoleptic expression. Soft and silky on the palate, it releases pleasant olfactory sensations ranging from hints of aromatic herbs, to arugula, chicory and artichoke. The spicy and bitter flavors are intense and pleasing and harmonize persistently throughout the palate. 
  • 1 x 500ml Bio EVO oil comes from agriculture respectful of nature and people. Picholine monovarietal with medium fruity and fresh hints of cut grass and green tomato. On the palate it is fluid, clean, with slight notes of bitterness, long and pleasant spicy. Ideal for salads, bruschetta, mozzarella and soft cheeses, white meats.
  • 1 x 500ml Coratina EVO oil, a monovarietal in which the strong flavors typical of our Puglia stand out. Fluid and immediately enveloping, with herbaceous aromas with evident notes of artichoke, almond and chicory, the right balance of bitterness and spiciness, they combine well with meat dishes, cooked vegetables, legumes. Intense sensations in just a few drops.
  • High in healthy monounsaturated fats – These fats – oleic acid – come with a variety of health benefits such as reducing inflammation and reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Rich in antioxidants – The Polyphenols are one of the natural antioxidants found in olive oil. They work by clearing out arteries and improving your overall cardiovascular health. Thus, they can improve your heart’s health and lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – Another antioxidant found in EVO oil is oleocanthal, which is an anti-inflammatory that reduces pain. It mimics the properties of ibuprofen or other pain relievers in alleviating discomfort.
  • Antibacterial – The polyphenols found in olive oil have shown to be effective in preventing and delaying the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • For better skin – Another beneficial antioxidant found in olive oil is hydroxytyrosol, which can prevent aging and helps your skin to glow. Olive oil can also help heal abrasions faster as well as delay and reduce skin cancers caused by UV rays.
  • For reducing cancer risk – The oleocanthal found in olive oil can increase the destruction rate of cancer cells.
  • For preventing type 2 diabetes – Another important benefit of olive oil is regulating your blood sugar and insulin levels. Studies have shown that people  who have diets that include olive oil, such as the Mediterranean diet, have a decreased risk of developing diabetes, compared to those who have other types of diet.
  • For preventing strokes  – Strokes are caused by an abrupt interruption of constant blood flow to the brain provoked by a clot or other kind of bleeding. Studies have shown that olive oil was the only source of monounsaturated fats that is associated with a decreased risk of stroke.
  • For rheumatoid arthritis – Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and an ability to reduce oxidative stress, olive oil can also help to alleviate rheumatoid arthritis. And when olive oil is combined with fish oil, their anti-inflammatory properties are even more powerful.
  • Careful and refined selection of typical Italian food products.
  • Authentic manufacturing process
  • Widely awarded organic EVO oil.
  • Elite Limited Edition EVO oil goes well with meat dishes, cooked vegetables, and legumes.
  • Bio EVO oil is an ideal dressing for soft cheese, salads and vegetables. It also goes perfectly with bruschetta, mozzarella and soft cheeses and white meats.
  • Coratina EVO oil is a superb pairing with grilled mushrooms, vegetables, legumes, red meats, grilled wild game meat and hard cheese.
  • Keep the olive oil in its bottle, far away from heat sources at a temperature of 15 / 20 C°. Make sure the bottle is not left half opened.

Oro di Rufolo


Apulian premium EVO oil from own grove

Ortoplant is a dynamic company that believes in the development of local resources, that lives in the territory and, thanks to the olive groves inherited from its fathers, decides to invest in the extra virgin olive oil sector by creating the “Oro di Rufolo ” brand.
Oro di Rufolo is the continuation of that story and was born thanks to the vision of three entrepreneurs who, since 2012, took their first steps in the world of extra virgin olive oil. It has received growing consensus and appreciation for the oils produced, as demonstrated by the constant presence in the most renowned guides dedicated to olive oils of excellence, and numerous awards in national and international competitions.



About this region

Its popularly known as the heel of Italy's boot. It's located on a strip of land in southeastern Italy between the Lonian and the Adriatic sea, which gives to this region a total of 500 miles of coastline to fall in love forever. Bari is Puglia´s capital and one of the six provinces with charming landscapes that make this region an authentic treasure.

Apulia is land of extra-virgin olive oil and exquisite wines. Olive trees and vineyards are part of the view and invites you to discover unique perfumes and genuine flavors at the table. The traditional Apulian cuisine has a secret: every ingredient is grown locally, so it is fresh and it has  a distinguished quality.

The heart of Apulian gastronomy could be discovered through its local taverns or renowned haute-cuisine restaurants, where visitors also surprise their palate by trying a wide array of fish, sausages and cured meats, all skyfully prepared with traditional culinary art. Apulia is a city of flavours to enjoy.


Oro di Rufolo gives life to oils with different characteristics and nuances to satisfy the different needs and tastes of the consumer.

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