Gioielli di Balsamico





Gioielli di Balsamico


  • L-Originale® Gioielli di Balsamico

FORMAT: 1 x 50 g


L-Originale® Gioielli di Balsamico x 50 g  are little black pearls of soft consistency encasing the best Balsamic Condiment, preserving its taste and concentrating its aromas and fragrances in a warm, harmonious symphony of flavors. Similar in appearance to caviar, Gioielli di Balsamico are little droplets of pleasure, a slow eruption of unforgettable memories for your palate. Strong and elegant, they are the perfect enhancement for high class cuisine. They’ll add flavor and character to meat and fish dishes, finger food, starters, vegetable or fruit salads, icecream, creamy puddings and confectionery. A precious, modern and refined way to convey the essence of our tradition and culture.

  • Rich in antioxidants -They can improve your heart’s health, lower bad cholesterol, reduce blood pressure levels and boost your immune system.
  • A great source of calcium, iron and vitamin A.
  • Careful and refined selection of typical Italian food products.
  • Authentic manufacturing process

  •  This product will add flavor and character into meat and fish dishes, finger food, starters, vegetable or fruit salads, icecream, creamy puddings and confectionery.

Store at room temperature – Once opened store at 4°




Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

L-Originale brings you a selection of the finest authentic balsamic vinegars of Modena, working with great passion for their territory, its fruits and the craftsmanship that transforms them into world-renowned specialties.


Emilia Romagna

About this region

This region is in the north of Italy and borders to the east with the Adriatic sea, to the west with Liguria, to the southwest with Tuscany, to the southwest with Marche, to the northeast with Veneto and to the north with Lombardy. Emilia Romagna is known as "Food Valley" as it is the largest food district in Italy. Emilia Romagna is the big star of Italian flavour and it is so proud that it even has museums dedicated to treasure its food.

Most of the more popular Italian food come from Emilia-Romagna. Famous ingredients such as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Parma ham, traditional balsamic vinegar are from Modena and Reggio Emilia. Culatello salami,  tagliatelle and tortellini pasta are emblems of their delicious cuisine. As well as food, wines are another reason for its culinary prestige: Sangiovese, Lambrusco, Albana and Pignoletto are just a couple of the most well-known beverages. 

In this region ,cooking is related to cultural identity because it has its own traditions,its own chefs and its own recipes that makes  as prominent as it is in Italy and also around the world. Emilia Romagna's cuisine is based on rural traditions, where chefs take the best products of that generous land and make with them tasty dishes and culinary specialities. However, nowadays, each city has reinterpreted typical dishes, so every place gives characteristic flavours to discover and always surprise tourists.


INGREDIENTS: Cooked grape must; wine vinegar; tickener: cellulose rubber, calcium chloride, arginato di sodio. 

TMC: Product’s life: 15 months. Expired date as indicated on the product label 

OGM: Free from OGM material in accordance with Regulation CE 1829/2003 e 1830/2003 e s.m.i. 

ALLERGENS: The product contains Sulphites in accordance with European Directive 2003/89/EC e 2006/142 

PPARENCE: Solid, shiny, nicely thick. COLOR: Shiny intense brown with gold and red reflections. SMELL: Sweet-and-sour well balanced, intense and dedicate with fruit and woody hints TASTE: Liquid, shiny, nicely thick. Liquid, shiny, nicely thick.

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