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3 unusual Sicilian autumn dishes

sicilian dishes for cold times

When the days get colder, why not bring to the table a dish that warms the body and spirit? At the end of a long day, treating yourself with a warming and comforting recipe linked to tradition is a real pleasure. Certainly, legumes and hot soups prevail in the long and cold autumn-winter period, but […]

Sicilian street food: Arancine palermitane al ragù

The question arises spontaneously: is it called “arancina” or “arancino”? The answer deserves a separate article. In short, in Palermo it is called arancinA and its shape is strictly round, while in Catania it is called arancinO and takes the shape of a cone. The Arancini or Arancine are a typical specialty of Sicilian cuisine. […]

Bruschetta Mediterranea


“Bruschetta mediterranea” is one of the most popular preparations of Italian antipasti. With a simple and Mediterranean taste, it is difficult to give up the strong and familiar taste of its basic ingredients such as: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cherry tomatoes and basil. There are several versions of bruschetta, our proposal includes the use of […]