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3 unusual Sicilian autumn dishes

sicilian dishes for cold times

When the days get colder, why not bring to the table a dish that warms the body and spirit? At the end of a long day, treating yourself with a warming and comforting recipe linked to tradition is a real pleasure. Certainly, legumes and hot soups prevail in the long and cold autumn-winter period, but […]

The Andromeda Theater in Santo Stefano di Quisquina (Agrigento)

The Andromeda Theater in Santo Stefano di Quisquina (Agrigento)

Sicily is a wonderful land, where sun, sea and mountains blend perfectly making this territory unique from every point of view. Although Sicily is known above all for its splendid coasts and its pristine sea, there is part of Sicily that is yet to be discovered: the one of the mountains that rise high to […]

Busiate con pesto alla trapanese


Busiate are a fresh pasta typical of Trapani in eastern Sicily, which takes its name from the tool with which it is prepared, “i busi” or “irons” for knitting, which characterize the classic spiral shape. The people of Trapani modified the original pesto recipe by adding the typical local ingredients, then almonds and dried or […]