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Interview with Marco Miccichè Pasticceria Bilardo


How was your passion for pastry born? I have had a passion for pastry in my blood since I was born -I am a nephew and a son of art,- and the love for sweets has led me to follow the family tradition that has existed for 50 years now. At what age did you […]

The many flavours of Sicily

Sicily flag

A land of contrasts and colors, Sicily presents one of the largest and oldest collections of recipes in Italy, the result of an intense history and a past that has its roots in distant times. Talking about Sicilian cuisine means looking at the past and retracing the exploits of the many civilizations that have inhabited […]

The Andromeda Theater in Santo Stefano di Quisquina (Agrigento)

The Andromeda Theater in Santo Stefano di Quisquina (Agrigento)

Sicily is a wonderful land, where sun, sea and mountains blend perfectly making this territory unique from every point of view. Although Sicily is known above all for its splendid coasts and its pristine sea, there is part of Sicily that is yet to be discovered: the one of the mountains that rise high to […]