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New trend or tasting opportunity

New food trend

At the moment there are over 8000 auctions for spirits at eBay and thousands of other auctions for different types of food and drinks. Online food actions are a new growing trend in e-Commerce: the number of auctions and marketplaces that arrange food auctions is increasing, boosted by the recent restrictions due to Covid.

The growing popularity of the online auctions can be explained by the flexibility that they offer to the buyer and seller. 

The buyer can participate in the online auction in a more convenient way, both geographically and temporally. The bid in the auction can be done from any device after a quick registration without a physical visit of the auction place. And the buyers can make bids at any time of the day and night, asynchronously, within a period of several days or weeks, in contrast with real-time bidding, where buyers have to be present within the entire length of an off-line auction.

On the other hand, sellers also benefit from the online auction as it provides quick access to a larger audience and requires less resources. Social networking and online advertising allow them to reach their target audiens fastly and with more precision.

Why food auctions matter

Why food auctions could be valuable for you and your family?:

  • Food auctioning is a way to save money in your family budget. Up to 70% of the typical food bill can be saved by winning the auction.
  • You can taste new gourmet products at a minimum price. Food auctions are the new trend which can bring a variety of authentic food to your table at an affordable price.

Have you ever found a new interesting food or drink that you would like to try but you are not sure if you want to pay a high price for a product you have never tried? Maybe, you will like it, but if not, it will be a bad experience and a waste of money.

Is there a food product or drink that you or your family buys regularly, and you want to reduce the cost of buying it?

Have you met small regional producers who produce authentic food and you would like to buy it from them at affordable prices?

If the answer for one of the above questions is ‘yes’, then food auctions are a solution for you to discover new flavors, to try regional authentic food and wine and to reduce your family food bills.

How and where

There are a number of websites where you can participate in food auctions. While eBay has started the growing snowball in the number of online auctions, you can find some other unique niche players that can open for you a new world of authentic regional food and wine at affordable prices. For example, the auctions will meet you with unique gourmet products produced by selected regional producers from Italy, such as black garlic from Vaghiera or a tasting set of Sardinian premium EVO oil with flavor of garlic and chilli.  At you can also find authentic food and wine from Provence in France or unique olive oil from Greece.

How does it work? You can find current open auctions at Every auction usually opens for 1-2 weeks, meaning that you can join them and make a bid at any time within this 1-2 weeks period. To make a bid you just need to register (registration takes less than a minute and no deposit or credit cards required). Then you just decide what price you are ready to pay and make a bid. If someone else makes a higher bid you will be notified by email or in your dashboard at and you can make another bid if you want. Once the auction is over and if your bid is the winner you will be notified by email that you are the winner of the auction and need to pay the bid price (you can pay easily by credit card or by ApplePay, GooglePay, etc).  After the payment is completed, your gourmet product will be delivered to your home (shipping is free of charge) directly from the producer, and you will be able to enjoy the taste of your food and the taste of victory. To get the latest news about upcoming auctions, please join us and subscribe to our newsletter at to be the first to know about unique products that you can buy at the auction.

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