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Unique Regional tastes
Directly from producers is a network of people
who love food and wine products and
share the experience of regions’ gourmet culture
innovatively with pleasure and confidence

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Enjoy authentic products from regions
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Find what you need with the help of our experts. Easily search and compare products by the region's food culture, brand history and products insights together with recommendations for cooking, tasting and conservation.

Authentic products from selected producers

Know where the product comes from, who made it and how.
Our local food & wine experts have selected for you the most unique products from the best producers of their region.

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Buy without intermediaries directly from local producers and artisans.
Be protected by 360-money back guarantee and proof of authenticity.
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Authenticity + 360° Guarantee
Benefit from a product like a local would do
Easy gourmet learning

Learn more on local food & wine culture and about the best ways to cook your product and taste it.
Recipes and tips from local food experts will give you the most out of a product.

Know your product and its benefits

Understand products uniqueness and health benefits as well as their history and traditions of the producer and its region.
Follow local experts’ tips for optimal conservation and for avoiding unnecessary waste

Knowledge at your fingertips

All information about the product and the tips on how to use it is easily accessible by scanning a QR code on the product

or by visiting site
Technology for a better world
Democratizing access to online commerce eliminates intermediaries and supports small local producers who make qualified food. Artisans get access to online sales with ease and without fixed costs. Small businesses can use digital marketing, online payments, logistic services and many more.

Cultivating the fairtrade and less contamination creates the infrastructure for direct purchasing from producers. WIth the help of AI and machine learning buyers can easily find the producer and the product needed. Customers can make a direct order and receive products straight to their houses.

Innovating the taste of the Regions

AIM multicultural team collaborates from top food & wine places of the world in an internal ecosystem based on the integration of physical and virtual environments.
Inspired from a mix of lifestyle philosophy and technology, we are committed to delivering the ultimate regional tasting experience to our customers. By selecting the finest traditional regional products first and by augmenting them with innovative technological solutions then.
Our belief is that technology is at the service of the end consumers, of the small local communities and their deeply rooted traditions and of human life quality in general. Ecosystem is a member of Fintech District, an ecosystem that seeds, fosters and drives innovation within the Italian fintech community, serving as its flagship brand in Italy and abroad.


Q2, 2022 — Mobile App Launch

A mobile application user experience for buyers and advanced marketing and sales features for

Q3, 2022 — Blockchain Proof of Authenticity integration

Product authenticity and provenance verifiable on blockchain by scanning the QR code on the product with your smartphone

Q1-Q4, 2022 — New regions and countries coverage in Europe

The taste of new regions from European countries with different and delicious cuisine traditions will be available soon
Andalucia, Basque Country, Galicia and Catalonia in Spain
Normandy and Bordeaux in France
Crete, Naxos, Corfù and other Greek islands
FOR INVESTORS is scaling up and securing an Investment round to leverage the growth

Join community and please contact us if you have the interest to be a part of innovations in the food & drink eCommerce

Authenticity + 360° Guarantee

We return your money if any problem with delivery or quality of the products you ordered

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Authentic products from selected producers

Know where the product comes from, who made it and how

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